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Why is there so much human suffering, both in this country and in the world generally?  How is it possible to maintain faith, hope and trust, in a so-called “loving God”, when we each struggle with the challenges of life and living?  Why should this be so?  And what possible justification is there, for such suffering?  These questions confound me.

We have had a series of devastating floods here in Australia, over these past two weeks.  Thousands of fellow Australians have lost all that for which they have worked and strived.  Lives have been lost, as have homes and businesses.  Through no fault of theirs, people have suffered, many terminally.  What are they to do as they survey their flooded homes, where there is little alternative, but to begin again?  What are they to do, when their insurance policies do not meet stringent definitions of “flood” and recompense is denied?

We witnessed acts of stoicism and bravery, under dreadful circumstances, with;  television, radio and newspapers, broadcasting heartbreaking stories, bringing tears to one’s eyes.  What happens though, when the media decides that ongoing reporting is no longer “newsworthy”?  Will those who have suffered become the forgotten ones?  What happens when politicians no longer see political mileage in parading before television cameras, uttering platitudinous and cliche’d comments, to convince us of their caring and compassion?

I know what happens.  It is as with all catastrophes – the world moves on and our people will be allocated to the backwater of history.  Those who have suffered throughout these past few weeks will be forgotten and left to grieve their fate, in silence and in solitude.  Who monitors the promises made at these times and who is responsible for overseeing their fulfilment?  What happens when the bureaucrats take over from those who told us that everything would be provided to resurrect;  towns, cities, homes, businesses and broken lives?  And what of those who say, “this will never happen again”?  Are they held accountable – when resurrection is delayed, or worse still, forgotten and where are they, when it does “happen again”?

The sadness is that there will be no accountability and it will happen again – simply because we have “moved on”.

I witnessed a television interview with a wonderful “ordinary” Australian, who had lost his business in the Queensland flood.  The camera followed him, as he  moved from room to room,  pointing to where his records had been destroyed, where computers, workstations and furniture had disappeared forever.  He found a photograph of his grandchildren, spared somehow, from the devastation and his eyes filled with tears, as he told of his love for them and of their bravery through recent medical issues.  The interviewer said, “you have had a tough year” and he said that it had been difficult and that he hoped the flood was not his last straw.

Why should such a good man suffer so?  Why should any of the thousands affected, suffer so?  Why did 600 Brazilians die this week, in their own flood disaster?  Why should 50 army recruits be blown to pieces, by an Iraqi suicide bomber?  Why did over 300,000 innocents die in last year’s Haitian earthquake?

These are the questions  –  where are the answers?


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